Our wood species are carefully selected for the manufacturing of our flooring and furniture. As a result of years long experience these wood species are found to be perfect for use in Europe and the USA. The wood is stabilized and dried in computer controlled kilns to around 9% humidity content.

The selection of our flooring is divided into 3 different grades:


First Select
  • Very few and slight colour variations.

  • Few firm knots, not exceeding 3mm in diameter.

  • No holes.

  • Vivid colour variations and streaks with firm knots, not exceeding 6mm in diameter.

  • Parts of white wood on the bottom side of the boards.

  • No holes.

  • Many vivid colour variations and streaks with firm knots of any size.

  • Up to 10% of white wood on top and bottom side of the boards.

  • Small holes.

[compliant with UNI 4736]


In addition there is a classification called “Mill Run” which is a blend of 50% “First Select” and 50% “Standard”. This is the usual grade offered to our clients. “Mill Run” offers the best of both gradings creating a beautiful and harmonic blend of the natural appearance of the wood.

Please note that the above colour classification cannot not strictly apply to all wood species equally due to their very unique nature. Some species vary slightly in colour and streaks, even within a single board, whereas others are more uniform.


Our flooring does NOT show any of the following defects:

  • Cracks and splits

  • Holes through the board

  • Any deformation like bending and twisting

  • Any defects through machining that can affect proper installation

In general, we claim that the beauty of solid real wood flooring lies in the variation of the appearance of the wood, mirroring forth the uniqueness of each board in harmony with the very nature of the product.




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